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Taking a pregnancy test

Advice about checking to see if your IVF treatment has been successful

Suppressing your natural cycle

Learn about the drugs that help get your body ready for IVF

Getting your womb ready

Learn about the treatment that is typically used to help prepare your womb for the arrival of an embryo

Common fertility questions

Our fertility expert partners share answers to some common queries about fertility treatment

Preparing your eggs ready for collection

Learn about the treatment that is typically given to mature your eggs just before collection

Monitoring your progress through IVF

Learn about the scans and checks to see if your IVF treatments are working correctly

Helping her out

Tips to help you support your other half during IVF

Before you start IVF

Learn about the different fertility tests and checks

Embryo transfer

Find out how and when fertilised eggs are placed back into your womb

You’re not alone

Find support to help you cope with emotions during fertility treatment

Collecting your eggs for fertilisation

Find out how your eggs are collected from your ovaries and fertilised

Boosting your egg supply

Find out which treatments are used to encourage your ovaries to produce more eggs than normal

Being prepared

Find out why your treatment might not go to plan

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