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Personalised medicine in fertility

Sesh Sunkara (consultant gynaecologist and subspecialist in reproductive medicine)

How to inject Fyremadel®

A step-by-step guide to help support your patients


Answers to common patient queries about Fyremadel®

How to administer your Fyremadel® (ganirelix acetate)?

Watch training video

UK-FYR-2000008; Date of preparation: April 2021

How to take Rekovelle®

Watch our training video

The Rekovelle Pen® – easy to follow instructions for your patients

Access the step-by-step on-line guide or download a printed version for your patients

Menopur® administration guides

Practical guidance for your patients, including videos to help teach them how to self-administer Menopur®

A personalised approach to IVF

Supporting experience with evidence

Rekovelle® Dosing Algorithm

How to work out your patients Rekovelle® dose in the first treatment cycle

What is the future of individualised IVF treatment?

Results from the ESTHER-1 clinical trial

Menopur®: indications & presentations

Find out which patient populations can benefit from treatment with Menopur®

Why choose Lutigest®?

Discover how Lutigest® compares with other progesterone formulations

Want more info?

Here are some useful resources if you’d like further advice or support about fertility treatment

Menopur® resources

Menopur® summary of product characteristics and patient leaflets

How to take Lutigest®

Download this step-by-step guide for your patients

Dosing calculator

Calculate the number of packs you need to prescribe when using Menopur® multidose formulations (600 and 1200 IU)

The role of LH activity in IVF outcomes

Results from the MERIT group study comparing stimulation with HP-hMP or rFSH

Can Menopur® help women susceptible to high ovarian response?

Results from a retrospective analysis of patients after stimulation with HP-hMG or rFSH

The role of LH in ovarian stimulation

A debate about the importance and amount of LH-bioactivity necessary for optimal follicular stimulation

Does Menopur® create the same endocrine environment as rFSH?

A comparison of serum and follicular fluid endocrine profiles following oocyte stimulation

How does LH influence embryo quality?

Results from a multinational study comparing Menopur® with rFSH

Evaluating a personalised approach to ART

Find out about the ESTHER clinical trial programme investigating the use of rhFSH (follitropin delta) with the Elecsys® AMH assay

Comparing batch-to-batch consistency amongst gonadotrophins

A study compared the batch-to-batch consistency of recombinant versus urinary-derived preparations

Lutigest® vs. vaginal progesterone gel

Find out how the two compared in this prospective study to assess efficacy and safety for luteal support

Menopur® in an antagonist cycle

Results from a multinational study comparing Menopur® with rFSH using a GnRH antagonist protocol

Lutigest® vs. intramuscular progesterone

Find out how the two compared in this retrospective study to evaluate pregnancy outcomes

Does the LH activity of Menopur® affect live birth rates?

Results from an integrated analysis of two randomised trials comparing Menopur® with rFSH

Lutigest® vs. intramuscular progesterone or vaginal gel

Find out how they compared in this retrospective study to compare pregnancy and live birth rates

Lutigest® vs. vaginal progesterone gel for luteal phase support

Find out how the two compared in this pharmacokinetic study

Information leaflet for your patients on their IVF journey

Download leaflet on Ferring online resources for patients

UK-RMMH-2000041; Date of preparation: September 2020


Watch our past webinars available on demand

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